Ceraon was the ancient Greek demigod of wine mixing. The ancient Greeks believed that wine was a gift of the gods. Sweet and so remarkable that only the gods were worthy of drinking it pure. Ceraon so perfected the skill of wine mixing that he was made a demigod personifying the art of hosting good wine.

With a rich history in wine production, Greece has come into its own as high quality wines are increasingly enjoying global exposure. Our Ceraon range of wines includes:

Ceraon white wine

Dry white wine with light yellow colour and green hues. An eclectic blend of traditional Roditis and Muscat grapes. Peach, fine citrus aromas and fruity palate.

Ceraon rosé wine

Dry rosé wine of a delicate pink colour with purple hues. Traditional Roditis grapes are paired with Syrah creating floral and strawberry aromas.

Ceraon red wine

Dry red wine from the select varieties Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. The vibrant ruby colour goes with aromas of red berries, strawberry and vanilla.