Aeolian Olive Extra virgin olive oil

Made from hand-picked Kolovi olives that grow on the mountainous groves of the Aegean island of Lesvos, Aeolian Olive extra virgin olive oil captures the vibrant maturity of this rare olive variety at its peak. Its complex aromas display a well balanced sweetness that will surprise you in both hot and cold dishes. Treat your taste buds to the quintessence of the Mediterranean diet.

5lt, 3lt, 750ml, 500ml

Aeolian Olive Organic extra virgin olive oil

Made exclusively from organically grown Kolovi olives, Organic Aeolian Olive is the choice of the nature-conscious consumer. It retains the balanced fruity mildness that makes Lesvos oil suited to all culinary uses. No need to compromise on taste, just choose the oil that suits your mood.

750ml, 500ml

Aeolian Olive virgin olive oil

Like extra virgin olive oil, virgin olive oil is obtained by cold extraction using only mechanical means. The only difference with extra virgin is a slightly higher acidity corresponding to a somewhat milder oil that is well suited to recipes of the Mediterranean cuisine, like casseroles, stews and oven-baked meat and vegetable dishes. Our high quality virgin Aeolian Olive oil is also a choice to be considered by professionals for their kitchens.

5lt, 3lt