ACAIA Extra virgin olive oil

Made from hand-picked Kolovi olives that grow in the mountainous groves of the Aegean island of Lesvos, ACAIA reveals the delicate mildness of this rare olive variety. Its richly complex aromas evoke the freshness of leaves, herbs and grass, combined with nuts, tropical fruit and apple. Thanks to its excellent harmony and low bitterness, ACAIA is the ideal gourmet choice for use in both savoury and sweet recipes.

500ml & 250ml

ACAIA Organic extra virgin olive oil

Produced from carefully selected organically grown olives, this organic extra virgin olive oil retains the delicate mildness and rich aromas of ACAIA. It has the excellent harmony and distinctive fruity flavour of the Kolovi variety native to Lesvos, and reinforces our commitment to promoting ecological cultivation methods and biodiversity.

500ml & 250ml

ACAIA flavoured olive oils

Each olive oil in this unique collection is made of the finest extra virgin olive oil from Lesvos flavoured with all natural essential oils of Mediterranean citrus fruit and herbs.
Our use of all natural essences ensures that our condiments retain the health benefits of the plants from which they are derived. Enjoy dipping your favourite bread for a simple Mediterranean experience.

ACAIA flavoured with Grapefruit & Bergamot

An original and uniquely fruity alchemy of flavours to transform your salads. Dip some grilled Halloumi cheese in ACAIA Grapefruit & Bergamot oil for a most appetizing starter.


ACAIA flavoured with Oregano

A favourite Greek herb, oregano is used daily on grilled fish or meat. Drizzle ACAIA Oregano oil on a slice of feta cheese with fresh bread.


ACAIA flavoured with Lemon & Oregano

Add some zest to your recipes with this perennial Mediterranean combination of luscious lemon and aromatic oregano. ACAIA Lemon & Oregano oil will do marvels for your seafood.


ACAIA Olive pastes

Like extra virgin olive oil, olives are one of the world’s most delicious and healthy foods, combining delightful flavours with an abundance of highly protective nutrients.

Olive tapenades offer a highly versatile way to enjoy the olive fruit. Mix it with mayonnaise for a new twist, put it on pizza, mix it with extra virgin olive oil for a dip, use it to stuff grilled mushrooms or tomatoes, spoon it on devilled eggs, roll it into an omelet, and last but not least, savour its delightful taste by spreading it plain on crackers.

With our ACAIA all-natural black and green olive tapenades, made entirely of Kolovi olives, you can continue to enjoy the healthful and unique taste and aroma characteristics of this rare olive variety.

Our olive tapenades are available in 190 g glass jars.

ACAIA Olives

With ACAIA olives, we extend our range of delicious and healthy olive-based foods beyond Lesvos to other parts of Greece that offer highest quality products.

ACAIA black olives

ACAIA black pitted olives are of the Kalamata variety, which has been grown for centuries in the southern Peloponnese in Greece. These are firm, medium-sized and almond-shaped olives, with a rich, fruity flavour.
ACAIA olives are available also as organic.

All our olives come in 340 g glass jars.

ACAIA green olives

ACAIA green pitted olives are of the Halkidiki variety, which grows almost exclusively in the Halkidiki peninsula of central Macedonia in Greece. They have a full, spicy and fruity taste, with no hint of oiliness.
ACAIA olives are available also as organic.

All our olives come in 340 g glass jars.